Nothing Happens Without a Volunteer



In the business world, it’s often said that “Nothing happens without a sale.”But in the association world, “Nothing happens without a volunteer.”

_ _ All of NCCA’s members are volunteers. All of our board members and all of our committees are 100 percent volunteers. Everything we do depends on someone who is willing to work for free for the good of our industry.
These are the people who, when they hear the call for a volunteer, raise their hand and put their shoulder to the wheel. After that task is complete, they raise their hand again for the next challenge. And the next one. And again, and again.

rlw2-2The Hall of FameĀ 

___ Because of supreme importance of volunteers, we give special recognition to those members who have excelled in their service to the association. That’s also why we established the NCCA Hall of Fame in 1992. At that time, the association was marking its 30th year, and we acutely felt indebtedness to so many who had volunteered so much time and effort for the advancement of our industry.
___ At the NCCA 2014 Annual Meeting in Napa, Calif., we formally inducted Vic Locastro of Precoat Metals into our Hall of Fame, the 43rd inductee in our history. Vic started his career with Precoat Metals 44 years ago. Within his first few years there, Vic became an active volunteer in NCCA, and he hasn’t stopped.
___ Over the decades, he initiated, participated in, and chaired a number of committees, including the Marketing Committee, Container Products Committee, Building Products Committee, Garage Door Committee, the Program Planning Committee, and many others. Vic also served on the NCCA board of directors from 1983 to 1986.

Expanding Our Market
___ The majority of Vic’s contributions focused on expanding our market and strengthening the influence of NCCA. He volunteered to help develop many of our marketing pieces and brochures. He helped establish the steps and procedures in prepaint conversion projects. He became an industry spokesperson in publications, seminars, and trade shows, and he served as NCCA’s ambassador to other associations.
___ Vic also played an integral role in converting the building products industry from polyester and vinyl technologies into siliconized polyesters and PVDF/Kynar coatings. This helped the sales of prepainted metal to grow exponentially in the 1970s and 1980s in construction products.
___ For nearly four decades, Vic Locastro has served as a great example of how associations excel. NCCA has thrived because of that volunteer spirit of people who are devoted to our industry, believe in our mission, and willingly thrust themselves into our work.

Volunteers Among Us
___ There are more such volunteers among us. They may be only in their first year or their 31st year, but they are the fuel that powers us forward.
___ So, we thank Vic and all those who join us in our ongoing quest “to promote the growth of coil coated products.” Their selfless duty has made our industry stronger, expanded our markets, and helped our members gain more sales.
___ After all, in the business world, “Nothing happens without a sale.”

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