It is time to repair the foundations. It is not a phrase that most homeowners want to hear. As soon as you realize that a foundation repair is near sight, you will begin to make calculations fearing for the health of your bank account. While you may find yourself cornered, with anxiety looming over you for the foundation repair, you should catch your breath and relax a bit. While you may be thinking of a nightmarish scenario, things are not that bad. First, you should learn to ignore the eight myths discussed further.

8 Myths Concerning Foundation Repair

1. Foundation Repair is Very Costly

Yes, foundation repair can get expensive to the point that you can take a significant hit in repair costs. However, that is not always the case as most foundation repairs can be as simple as putting polyurethane to prevent the water from entering. It is rare to come across a full-blown repair need for a foundation. So, first, try to figure out the problem without sulking over the costs. Other common repairs are the fitting of new pilings and piers. On average, you can expect to pay only a few hundred dollars to get the necessary foundation repairs. However, you can expect the bills to go over $10,000 if you are looking for the restoration of hydraulic piers.

2. Waiting Out to Get Affordable Repair Solution

One critical mistake some homeowner makes is to put aside the foundation repair if they get costly quotations for the foundation repair services. These people think that by waiting, they could benefit from reducing costs in the longer run. However, a break or fault in the foundation if unattended can escalate with time. While you may think you are saving money by doing nothing, but in reality, you risk losing thousands of dollars in repair expenses in the future.

3. The Problem Happened When the at the Time of Home Construction

When a person notices foundation difficulties, they continuously pin the liability on the foundation itself — or it is the fault of the builder. It is not the right strategy to jump to the blame. While there is a possibility of foundation faults due to the construction, it is also possible that the soil condition beneath the slab is the reason. The foundation will not budge unless the soil beneath moves.

Recognizing this connection between your soil and the foundation can assist you properly in shielding your home when moving ahead. If you require a strong foundation, you need to spend on prime land.

4. Over-watering Damaged the Foundation

People who are aware of the connection of soil and foundation often think that overwatering the ground is the main reason for foundation faults. This situation is not always the case. There is no doubt that water can mix with the soil and make it expand, much like heat shrinks the ground. However, such changes are not to the extent that it cracks the foundation.

5. The Solution is to Fill the Cracks

When a homeowner notices a crack of the foundation, the most likely action that most take is filling the crack using epoxy. People consider this small fix a complete solution that is not the case. While you made a few cosmetic changes to fill the cracks, the main problem is the soil and overlooking this will result in more damages in the coming days.

6. Cracks Will Help to Establish the Cause of the Issue

Looking for cracks in the foundation is a good start as these marks are an indicator of a problem under the surface. However, the cracks alone are not an accurate indicator of the real challenge, and you will have to investigate further.

There is always a possibility that the cracks are not the cause of the foundation breaks and could very well be because of movements in other parts of the house.

Some other signs to check includes inspecting the beams, doors, and wall. You can visibly see the door jam or the floorboard bulging. Do not ignore all these signs.

7. Make Sure to Buy a Property Without Foundation Issues

When you are purchasing the property, make sure you invest in one that does not have any existing foundation repair problems. However, today, you should know that there are modern tools and technology that can take care of all foundation repair issues. It is better to seek help from a consultant to determine the cost of foundation repairs so you can decide whether to buy the home or not.

8. Finding a Competent Contractor is Simple

If you discover a foundation challenge, who do you invite? Is it better to open the phone book and get the first contractor on board? While this is a quick option but one that you should avoid. You will come across many contractors claiming to fix all types of foundation repair, but you have to work with the experts. If you hire an average service, you will have more significant foundation repair issues later.

You should make sure to check five things when you want to hire a contraction. First, check for the experience, follow this by the licenses, and permits the contractor to hold. Next, look out for contractors who will give you a warranty for the services. Always look for testimonials and references from previous clients of the contractors. Finally, get the quotation and time estimates for the foundation repair.

The cost should be the last thing you should consider when hiring the contractor. At best price can help you make a comparison between two contractors offering the same service.

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